Fume Extractions Systems

Working in laboratories where gases, vapors, particulate matter or liquids in dangerous quantities and concentrations compulsory to be carried out, Protechís Fume Extractions Systems have been developed in high performance, easy to use and long-lasting systems to minimize chemical exposure and ensure working on a healthy laboratory environment.

From basic apparatus to special purpose system, our Fume Extraction Systems ensure high level of safety and cost effectiveness, which include Bench Mounted Fume Hoods, Walk-In Fume Hoods, Local Hood Extractor, Canopy Hood. We also design and supply VAV system on multiple fume hoods to save energy.

Our durable and high quality Fume Extractions Systems are focused on reducing maintenance time and cost.

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Bench Mounted Fume Hoods

Walk-In Fume Hood

Local Hood Extractor.jpg

Local Hood Extractor 


Canopy Hood

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