Service System

With Mosaic, maintenance and modifications to services are made with minimum downtime. The everchanging nature of laboratories requires flexible and functional furniture solutions that allow for alterations to electrical and mechanical services done comfortably and without major renovations.

The Service Spine is considered the core component of the Mosaic System where service lines are housed within the spine, allowing access to piping and wiring throughout the laboratory. Service Tiles, Service Panels, and Tool Rack are integrated within the Service Spine in order to carry mechanical fittings, electrical fittings, soap/towel dispensers, LCD arms, storage bins, and many other fittings.

Mosaicís Service Spine is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum extrusions connected by steel beams and designed to accept wide range of add-on units such as; height adjustable shelves, overhead cabinets, lighting, scaffolding and local fume extractors. Mosaicís Service Wings provide the ultimate service flexibility and it can either be suspended from ceiling or mounted on service spine.

LED light strip can be integrated within the Shelf Units and Service Wings to enhance comfort and productivity at the working place. All metal components are electrostatically epoxy powder coated after careful treatment providing maximum resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture.

Service Spine, Service Columns, and Service Wings can be used separately or combined with each other, offering limitless configurations to suit all customersí specific requirements. Mosaicís Service System makes it easy for end users to upgrade their configurations without complicated constructions.

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Service Spine

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Service Tiles

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Service Panels

tool rack.jpg

Tool Rack


Shelf Units

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Accesories and Add-on


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Service Wing

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Service Column


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