Fixtures and Complimentary Items

To ensure a fully functional laboratory, Protech offers an extensive range of durable, safe, and ergonomic fixtures and complimentary products designed according to scientific research. These equipment are necessary to facilitate laboratory procedures and enhance users’ productivity and safety.

Our Mechanical and Electrical Fittings are procured from world trusted manufacturers to guarantee the highest performance and minimum maintenance. Mechanical Fittings are made from high quality brass with chemical resistant powder coat finish. Fittings with chrome finish can be supplied upon request.

Fittings for Special Water Sorts are delivered with plastic inner pipe to avoid contact of media with brass. Fittings made of Stainless Steel can also be an option for Special Water Sorts. Whether you require fittings for burning gases, 2.0 technical gases, oxygen, or pure gases, Protech provides a comprehensive range to fulfill all your requirements. Based on the selected Service System, and to guarantee fully integrated solutions, Protech offers fittings that are suitable for mounting on the worktop, service spine, and service wing.

Sinks displayed in this catalogue are among our highest demanded varieties. Other sink materials and sizes are available to suit various laboratories.

When users are exposed to hazardous substances, it is essential to install emergency washing units inside the laboratory. Protech offers Emergency Showers and Eye-wash Units complying with the highest international health and safety standards.

High quality electrical devices are critical to the safe operation of any laboratory. A wide variety of electrical, data, media, and lighting fixtures complying with international standards are available to choose from. Power outlets can be supplied with IP2XD, IP44, and IP55 protection rating.

To enhance healthy working environment, we offer stylish and ergonomic stools and chairs as well as disinfectant, soap, and paper towel dispensers. Draining rack and trolleys are available to complete your laboratory furnishing.

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Mechanical Fittings




Emergency Washing Units

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Draining Rack and Dispensers

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Electrical Fittings

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Sink and Bottle Traps


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